Xe kéo một toa tự chất hàng Schuitemaker R8400-S RAPIDE Lucerna like NEW NEW NEW - STOCK -

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Thương hiệu Schuitemaker
Mẫu R8400-S RAPIDE Lucerna like NEW NEW NEW - STOCK -
Loại xe kéo một toa tự chất hàng
Khả năng chịu tải 34000 kg
Địa điểm Romania CRAIOVA
Đặt vào Thg 9 12, 2023
Agriline ID TJ34375
Thương hiệu BPW ECO Plus
Số trục 3
Tình trạng
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VIN R8400143**
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Tiếng Rumani
The trailer is in perfect new condition . It was unused . I can send a video in whatsapp to show all the moving and cuting parts , to confirm their condition and usage . The trailer is sold by perfecting all the papers and needs 4 wheels ( from the 6 ) ( I can assist by giving 4 normal semitrailer wheels to use the machine )
We can provide Krane Loading of the machine .

Price on request

Rapide 8400
The largest Rapide dual-purpose precision chop loader wagon with a unique capacity (DIN) up to 60 m3, ideal for reaching the maximum volume.

Control box with full colour touchscreen. Main functions available using 2 joysticks

Isobus control

Dinamica Weighing System (Factory fitted option)

Star-shaped POWER ROTOR of 9 rows and 20 mm thick tines with hard facing

Stripper frame which leads to uniform crop load

Both, rotor and pick-up are 2,2 (m) wide, RapidFlow hydraulic driven intake roller

Heavy-Duty rotor system and driveline


RAPIDE RELEASE Front panel , hydraulically operated with entrance door and stair to outside

RAPIDE STREAM Top front panel, hydraulically operated with 30 cm yellow steel extension (hinged)

Box construction with enforced side panels (galvanized and powder painted) and cage construction

Height adjustable draw bar with swiveling towing-eye

Hydraulic suspended draw bar with 2 hydraulic cylinders and accumulator

Unique suspended, floating pick-up with 2x2 pick-up wheels, steering wheels at front

2 extra pick up wheels to aid in ground contouring

Wide-angle PTO-driveshaft with automatic cut-out clutch, 1000 rpm drive

3 sectional knife bar for max 43 knives (cutting length 4,4 cm)

Standard equipped with 43 knives (6mm thickness, double edged)

Steel floor with double scraper floor, hydraulically both-side driven, incl. 2 speed drive

Scraper floor protected with automatic switch-off by back door

Bumper with LED road lights, set of 3 LED-working lights, LED-sidelights, mudguards and mudflaps and reflection striping on back door or lower beater (w)

40 tons tridem hydraulic suspended , forced steered, with air and hydraulic brakes on 6-wheels, wheelbase 1.800 mm, parking brake, steering arm 250mm, traffic stream right & left

Tyres Alliance 750/45 R26,5 I-380
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